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Have just been told that work will pay for some cert + materials for me that are work related. I Decided to aim for MCITP: Server Administrator for now, which exam should I choose first ? I'm currently studying for Cisco SWITCH which I hope to take in the next couple of months so 70-642 may be the best option but I don't want to do this if 70-640 has any material that I may need as a pre-requisite for the 70-642.

Any advice appreciated !


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    dave330idave330i Member Posts: 2,091 ■■■■■■■■■■
    70-642 will probably be easier exam vs. 70-640 for you.
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    Darian929Darian929 Member Posts: 197
    Yes I would also go for 70-642 first as I just finished my 70-640 and am taking the 70-642 now and it seems like much easier topics and easier read. I also think by reading 70-642 first when you get to AD then it will be a bit easier to understand. The Directory services like certificates killed me on 70-640 and I am still trying to find what's the best way to learn about that even after exam.
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    IT ExplorerIT Explorer Member Posts: 59 ■■□□□□□□□□
    It's a decission that should be taked and both have advantages,

    if you decided to take the the 640 first, you'll see that microsoft focus on the topic itself not the topic for the 640, for example DNS, you'll face questions that targeting the dns + dns over dhcp, which is not explained in the MS books for 640, but after passing the 640 depending on technet and other resources , you'll see that 642 especially those topic like dns are much easier to scroll on the pdf,this what I choosed and worked on .

    and If you choosed to do 642 first you'll avoid a lot of ambuguity, and after passing you will see that the questions of 640 topics which intersect with 642 questions are not that hard, but you still need to read those tobics carefully, because active directory have it's special aspects.
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