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I replied to an ad on craiglist, has interview with staffing company, then cablevision. Cable vision doesnt hire directly so you have to temp for about 3months then perm. Temping is only $12.00 an hour but when I go perm. It goes up to 38k a year. Its a help desk support, 100% phone for opt online [cable modem]. Previously I was working at best buy as a tech.... So i think this is a good REAL start... Well guys tell me what you think. I look foward to hearing from you guys.
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    Definately a great starting point!
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    Antoher step in the process. Good move, good luck!
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    that should look much better then bestbuy does on the paper ;)
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    Awesome, it sounds like a good start.
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    that should look much better then bestbuy does on the paper ;)

    Theres JUSToneBOBBY!
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    Good luck with the new job, that sounds great!
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    For a lil more details on the interview proces....
    They asked alot of trivia questions as:
    What is TCP/IP, SMTP/POP, PORT NUMBERS, DNS, How to update driver in XP, Check ip address in Win9x, 2K/XP. Release IP's, commands: ipconfig,traceroute, etc etc. It was basically a mini A+ exam.

    If ANYONE is from New York, Let me know I will give you the name of the person to get started....

    Hopefully any or all of this will help someone.

    Theres JUSToneBOBBY!
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