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Hi guys,

I was wondering, a few members on this forum have used the two programmes I included in the title to pass the 70-640 exam, but having taken the exam now, it seems that the questions are way in advance of anything given on those guides.

I specifically tried to remember some of the questions because I didn't know the answers and I am shocked by the depth to which they go. I am hardened technician, and I've walked other IT exams, including CCNP ROUTE. But these MCTS exams are far harden than anything I touched in the Cisco world.

I think the official guides are a waste of time, they provide the very basics of what to expect and CBTnuggets doesn't provide the 'troubleshooting nature' (If A goes down, how do you bring B online) etc.

What do you guys think? What's been your experience of the guides etc.




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    I haven't taken the exam yet but I just finished getting my CCNA about a week ago. Kind of surprised to hear the test was so hard. I'm using the MS press books and CBT nuggets as well. I also have trainsignal as a back up just in case I feel I need it, looks like I will.

    Did the practice test from the MS press books help any?
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    sasprosaspro Member Posts: 114
    Are you using the new versions of the books (the ones with R2 info in them)?
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    I have the PDF. But I am talking fundamentally.

    The exam is far tougher than the guides suggest. I looked at the exam for MCSE and it looked far easier, referring to more conceptual questions instead of focusing on the real job.

    What I disagree with really is the books don't prepare someone for the exam. They're an Official guide, to general concepts with a light touching of configuration and don't touch the problems asked of students in the exam.

    I'd like to hear from those that have experienced the exam themselves if possible, because the amount of studying required to pass the exam must be monumental.

    Thank you for the replies.
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    I don't consider Microsoft track harder than Cisco track harder. It's trickier. When I passed the CCNA I felt that I knew enough to be a Jr. Network Admin. When I passed the 70-640 I felt I just passed an exam with 90% trick/obscure questions that'll have nothing to do with my daily admin tasks.
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    You say trickier, but what do you mean by that. Microsoft guides don't cover the material on the exam, they cover server technologies, but don't actually touch the VAST majority of the stuff you'll see in the exam.

    In Cisco literature, most things are covered, and you can get by with reading the books and a little practice.

    The two MCTS exams I've done were completely off the chart as far as the reading material goes. I'd love to give examples but I'd be breaking the NDA.
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    sasprosaspro Member Posts: 114
    Not all the questions on the MS exams are scored. Some are just for their own research.

    The books should be a guide which with the recommended job experience should be enough to pass the exam.

    With 10 years experience & just the books I passed most of the MCITP:EA track in 20-40 mins per exam
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