de_stroyed icnd1 today!

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Scored a 974. I am in enrolled in the Cisco Academy at my technical college here in St. Louis. I learned my fundamentals mainly from the cisco academy, supplemented with the exam cram book to brush up on weak areas, CBT nuggets (a little), and 31 days before your CCENT book.

I'd say its invaluable to know your fundementals, know layers 4,3,2 like the back of your hand, what layers do what going through a network, and know your WAN stuff!

I'd like to thank this website for all the help and forewarnings its provided. It truly has helped me be prepared for both of my exams the last two months. (win 7 cert).

From here I'll be doing a quick 40 days and getting my A+, then its on to the ICND2 and hopefully my CCNA.


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