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Im attempting to create two RDSH servers and load balance between them
with NLB and RDCB.

Im using VMWARE player (network adapther set to Host-Only) to virtualize this environment.

So the setup is as follows:
1x DC
2x RDSH = TS1 and TS2
1x client1 running server 2008 (cuz i didnt have Win7 handy :))

TS1 is running the connection broker.
I've added TS1 TS2 to the connection broker group and created the
TS farm.

By default this works using round robin. But I'd rather use NLB.

Setup NLB on TS1 & TS2, cluster IP

Everything seems fine according to the NLB manager.

From Client1 I can ping TS1, but cannot Ping TS2... Although I can ping the cluster IP.

I can connect to TS1 if the load balance sends me there, but cannot connect to TS2
if it sends me there.

If I undo the Cluster, I can connect to both TS servers no problem.

Now my question is, am I missing something here?
Maybe this does not work as it should in a virtualized environment?
I couldnt get the NLB to work with Virtualbox.

I hope I explained my setup well enough and I'd appreciate some help :)


PS. Hi im new to this forum and I am studying for the 70-643 exam! :)


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    KrunchiKrunchi Member Posts: 237
    I know this is basic but double check the firewalls.
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    Krunchi wrote: »
    I know this is basic but double check the firewalls.

    I just turned them off, no change.

    I should also mention I can ping TS2 from TS1... and vice versa.
    But I cannot pint client1 from TS2.

    Hopefully someone can see what im missing :)

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    EveryoneEveryone Member Posts: 1,661
    Are you using Unicast, or Multicast on the NLB? Whichever one you're using, try the other. I can't remember which one right now, and I don't know if the problem occurs on player too, but I know there was some patch and settings that had to be changed when trying to get NLB to work in either Unicast or Multicast (can't remember which one) mode when both servers were running in a VM on an ESXi server.
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    YES! Thank you, thats it.
    I had it set to Unicast, but when I changed it to Multicast it started working.

    But I assume in a production environment I should use Unicast right?

    Edit: I mean with physical hardware :)

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