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I will be taking on the CCNP in the spring but want to know about ipexpert. I know people use them for their CCIEs but I noticed they have a CCNP self study package. I have also just found out that their office is literally about 5 mins from my house!! I have seen the sign but I didn't think they were the same company. Not really the area you would expect to see such a company. Anyways does anybody have experience with them and can offer up some information. I am thinking about stopping in and talking to them in person since I go right by there on my drive to work.


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    I went through a couple of their CCIE videos for EIGRP/OSPF, and while there were labs, a majority of the time is focused on one guy talking (as in the camera is filming the guy). That kinda threw me off because I'm so used to CBT Nuggets/TS/INE where you see slides, diagrams...not the actual person. To be honest, I rather see slides as it was kind of weird/boring watching the guy talk...
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    I haven't seen the CCNP level material from IP Expert, but I have gone through the INE courses and would say they are a great study tool for your CCNP studies.
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