How much is all this C|EH gear worth?

ITVinceITVince Member Posts: 143
How much does all the C|EH study material cost
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    So give it back to your company? Seems like they'd want to have it to give to someone else who actually will be taking the training...
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    Are you looking to sell it?
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    Give me the shirt
  • ITVinceITVince Member Posts: 143
    Yeah I want to sell this stuff...if someone wants to make an offer. the Tshrit is an XL lol
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    MCTS 70-642 Network Infrastructure
  • ITVinceITVince Member Posts: 143
    EC-Council CEH v7.1 Courseware Kit ($595 Value) [LIST=|INDENT=2]
    [*]A 5 DVD Media Pack containing over 300 of the latest Hacking Tools and Exploits
    [*]Intensive Hacking and Counter-Hacking Hands-On demonstration components
    [*]2 Official EC-Council CEH Curriculum Manuals
    [*]1 EC-Council Ethical Hacker White T-Shirt (XL)
    [*]1 EC-Council Logo Backpack
    CEH Training CBT Boot Camp - Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH v7.1)
    I guess here's my answer. Anyone want to buy for like $400?
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    MCTS 70-642 Network Infrastructure
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    You are probably better off going to to sell it. Or ebay, as soon as I pass mine I will be selling it too, sans shirt and backpack
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