Cisco ASA failover scenario

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Hi all,

I've been asked this question by an acquintance, and I've never seen network setup this way before so, I'll just post the question here

Basically, there are two sites connected to each other. Each site uses a Cisco ASA for routing, VPN, and IPSEC tunnels. The two sites are connected to each other using point to point connections on a /30. And it's working.

The company has also purchased additional ASA for each site, along with an additional point to point connection.
There are no scope for additional hardware such as routers. And all the switches are only running switching code and not routing, and this can't change. So the ASAs are the only routing devices.
Behind the ASAs, there is a Catalyst connected to each of them.

All they want is failover for the ASA. So if one of the ASA dies, traffic flows through without admin interruption and assistance.

I recommended them the setup below per the link, but I am not sure whether it will work.

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Let me know what you think

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