When am I ready? ICND1

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Good evening my fellow test takers,I have been studying for about a month now after passing my ICND1 and purchased Boson Ex Sims for ICND2. I've been averaging around 70% on the first 2 exams so far, I will be pursuing the 3rd exam tomorrow. When did you guys know when you were ready? I probably asked the same question with ICND1 but the 2 seems a bit intimidating


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    Err...wrong subject, how do you delete threads? Supposed to say [h=2]When am I ready? ICND2[/h]
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    Cisco Kidd,

    You should be able to edit your post, and I believe also the title.

    I usually don't feel comfortable going for the real exam until I am scoring 100% on all practice tests. The real exam questions always seem to be much harder than the practice questions. Cisco seems to come up with questions that the practice exams never covered.

    For instance, without giving away anything specific, I took the CCNP ROUTE exam last week. There were Boson practice questions that made sure you understood what happened when "A" had a higher value than "B". There were other Boson practice questions that made sure that you understood what happened when "A" had a lower value than "B". On the actual exam, I had a question that checked to see if you knew what happened if "A" equaled "B". I was not sure, as I had never seen that scenario in any book or practice question. I did end up guessing correctly, but that's why I make sure I know everything in the practice exams 100%. There is a good chance of missing questions like that one, you surely don't want to miss ones that you've seen before.
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