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I am applying for a job as a desktop support and I'd like some help regarding
how to make my experience stand out for the position. I am currently studying
for the 70-680 and planning to sit for the exam in Dec. I figure there are
some skills that maybe invaluable and required. Below is an excerpt from
my resume that highlights my experience. Can you anyone tell me what i can add
or remove? Thanks

Refurbishes Windows desktops and laptops by
  • Replacing defective and outdated components
  • Reimaging hard drives with windows XP and 7 installation
  • Installing appropriate drivers and windows applications
  • Securing device via windows update bundles and security essentials
  • Servicing customers' computers who are on warranty

Microsoft Certified IT Professional-Windows 7 Desktop Support
  • Windows 7 deployment using DISM, MDT 2010, and WDS.
  • Configures VHDs, TCP/IP, Networking, Access Controls, and Remote connections.
  • Manages disk, system performance and errors
  • Uses group policy, applocker rules to control user access
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