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I just wanted to know how many people work in a call center environment in the IT dept? And if you don't, what kind of environment is it? Thanks.


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    if I get hired i will let you know icon_lol.gif
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    I work in a call center for DSG in the UK...

    I take on average about 30-40 computer enquiries a day from customers who have bought PCs from local stores. about 30% of the calls are from people who really dont have a clue.

    But in all fairness its a step into the IT industry, ive been there 2 years now but its time for me to move on, the headset ive been using has caused me to get tinitus in one of my ears icon_sad.gif
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    i can answer this one from experience.....

    I supported a 120 seat call center in house and 4 remote locations. i was front door to back door aka IF IT'S ELECTRONIC U SUPPORT IT icon_eek.gif so normal issues where user pc problems ... most of which they caused, supporting servers that where mostly running in the wind aka ONLY 1 HDD icon_eek.gif supporting ACD, PRI, routers, switches -non cisco, telephony, program scripting and did i mention printers, lighting, cabling, security? lots of cute girls that wondered what i did b/c i wasn't on the phone icon_lol.gif so if u do it u will be over worked, way underpaid and under appreciated until something breaks.... but isn't that everywhere :o
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    I think its funny. I just got off a interview with 5 exec looking people playing good interviewer/bad interviewer for a major financial instatution.
    THe job was a solutions consultant that supports there hard/soft and other global products with a lott of sql, a lil cisco and win2k server. So after the interview, the next day i get the call from HR saying basically I didnt have any call center experience. Oh well. Maybe i was overqualified anyways...
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    I work for Development company. I run everything from Cisco to Windows. Lead project manager for everything technical realted.
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    keenon wrote:
    lots of cute girls that wondered what i did b/c i wasn't on the phone

    icon_lol.gif Nice.
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