CPEs from other certs? Whatya think?

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Just curious if any of you have claimed CPEs (for CISSP - or any other ISC2) that were derived from passing other certifications such as MCITP/EA, ITIL, PMP, Cisco.. etc.

Also, if you did, what would be a fair/honest assessment of how many CPEs for that particular cert since we all know how many actual hours goes into something like that.

Thanks for your input.


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    CPEs can be claimed for attending actual learning events, such as training workshops, seminars, classes, etc. There is an equivalence between CPE and CEUs and academic credits that translates to hours of classroom study. So if you spent two hours taking a cert exam, would that earn you two CPEs? Whether you can claim CPEs for only having passed a certification exam would be up to each individual certification vendor. I've never tried it myself.
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    You do not get any CPEs from passing a given certification. You can claim CPEs for self-study, however.

    (ISC)² policy:
    Self-Study, Computer-Based Training [CBT], Web Casts, Pod Casts
    Members can earn one CPE credit per hour for completing a self-study program, computer-based training, or viewing a Web Cast or Pod Cast. (ISC)² will allow you to submit no more than the maximum number of CPEs/hours recommended by the self study provider. Please keep your documentation in the event that you are audited. This category may also be used to record credits when there is no other category available to record such credits. This would most often cover any type ofresearch that is done in conjunction with preparation of other activities that are not listed in any of the other categories.

    If you have done preparation work to obtain another professional certification, which is not a certification from (ISC)²® and if this other certification is one in which you have increased your knowledge-base, then you are entitled to CPE credits for thepreparation or self-study work you did to achieve this other certification. Your preparation or self-study work for the non-(ISC)² credential must have been completed during the three years of your current (ISC)² certification cycle. If the non-(ISC)² credential is related to the domains of your (ISC)² credential, then you would earn Group A credits. If the other credential is not related to the domains of your (ISC)² credential, you would earn Group B credits. Your CPE credits associated with another certification are not for achieving this non-(ISC)² certification, but, rather, CPE credits are for the time you spent inpreparation to obtain the non-(ISC)² certification.

    When I had passed my CISM, I claimed 30 Group A CPEs.
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    For the (ISC)2 and CPEs, it seems that preparation is the key word here.
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    badrottie wrote: »

    When I had passed my CISM, I claimed 30 Group A CPEs.

    Thats sorta what i was looking for. I realize this is an HONOR system but am trying to gauge how some folks approach deriving how many credits they claim. So essentially you are saying you spent 30 hours prepping for this cert. Or 30 being the max you can apply for that group.
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    In my case, I have detailed records with the dates and times for the time spend preparing and studying for the CISM. There is no hard cap on self-study, but it is reasonable that someone could spend 20-40 hours on preparation. You are correct that the the CPE submission process is based on good faith, but you can be audited for any submission, so having documentation to back up your submission is advised.

    Please note that reading a certification prep guide only counts as "Reading a Book/Writing a Review", which qualifies as 5 CPEs regardless of how long it takes.

    Ultimately, any questions about CISSP/SSCP CPEs and guidance are best addressed by (ISC)2. From my perspective, I would only submit CPEs for certifications that I had passed as well (good faith).
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