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Iam currently in the process of working towards the vcp exams. I have already spent several months studying 4.1 materials and are pretty much read to take the test. My original plan was to take the exam first before taking the class. At the moment it’s getting kinda last minute to find any of the ICM classes for 4.1 through the VMware academy programs.

My dilemma is that i have already spent enough time studying for the 4.1 and ready to take the test in the next week or so but at the same time don’t want to pay the 3k+ fee for the 5 day official boot camps. Most of the academy programs are no longer offering the 4.1 classes. Thus my question is, will it be just better to go back to the drawing board and start all over with the vcp5 route or do i still have a chance with the VCP4.1route. Does anyone know of any available discounted classes for the VCp4.1? All help and advice is really appreciated..........


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    What you've learned from VCP4 should still carry over to VCP5. It wasn't a fork-lift upgrade really and many of the topics still apply. It's time to change pace, if you'd taken the class then sure finish it up but you haven't so I'd cut bait and move on unless you're deadset on getting VCP4. The time to upgrade from VCP4 to VCP5 is becoming shorter and shorter. It would put a very tight timeline on you to complete VCP4 and then turn around and take VCP5 before the Feb 29th deadline. Then you're screwed taking the class again.

    FYI, this is the exact plan I plan to take. I'm in the same boat you are.
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    Thanks for the update, i guess i will bite the bullet and start all over again. It makes more sense to go the VCP5 route . Hopeully most of the stuff in 5 will overlap with what i have already preped for. Does anyone know of any acadamy partners in the AZ area or any that offer online version of the ICM for VCP5. Also other that the scott lowe book are there any other reomendations on resource materials out there anyone can validate as worthwhile.?? Thanks is advance
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    You won't have to start all over since 5.0 is essentially 4.1 with a couple new features. Sit the class asap, study the manuals, look at the 50 page documentation notes from Forbes that were posted in another thread, and you'll be good to go. I had ready the sybex 4.1 guide cover to cover and it was really nice.

    I recommend the Mastering vSphere 5 book for anyone who works with VMware. It's well written, a quick read (700 pages in 1.5 weeks for me), and extremely helpful for the test.

    I think that UCSC extension has registration for the 5 class going now too so if you're paying out of pocket and want to drag it out there's always that.
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