test software for Windows XP Prof.

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Hi everybody...Im new here.Im planning to get MCP certification for windows xp professional.I just want to know where can I get the full version of windows xp professional using the crammaster engine? Your reply would greatly appreciated.

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  • jmc724jmc724 Posts: 415Member
    You can try other vendors as well, there are many prep tests out there. I dont recommend braindumps and the like since then you wont know the product.
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    You can get an eval copy of the OS if you buy any XP M$ exam study book. Eval is a full copy, it just has a 120 limit on usage.
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  • DaX576DaX576 Posts: 4Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the response.......
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    i personally found transcenders to be the best, recently 'UCertify' has caught my eye, we got the A+ software at my school and its the best if ya ask me.

    i passed 270 last week using:
    examcram2 book
    transcender 70-270
    techexams studynotes
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