Building my lab, strange problem with one of the routers.

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Im putting together my CCNP lab, I picked up 4 1721s and a 1760. For Wics i have 6 of the 1DSU-T1 and 1 1DSU-T1-V2. They all are running the same version of 12.4 and have 32mb flash and 64 mb ram. One of the 1721s crashes on boot when any of the 1DSU-T1 Wics are installed in either slot, says %Software-Forced reload. The other 3 come up fine with any of the wics. I was able to get the problem router to boot with the V2 card in it though. I did a brief google search and found the results less than helpful. Anyone have any ideas? Only thing i can think of trying is reloading the IOS from backup and im not too confident in that helping.


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    Your cards may be knock offs (counterfeit) wics. This is fine normally, but for odd behavior like this. Maybe the slots that the wics slide into have become damaged by the previous owner? Could you maybe try a slightly different IOS version?
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    I plan to upgrade to 12.4T in the next few weeks, just need to get some ram for them. And considering the price i paid for the wics, they very well could be knockoffs
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