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Hey guys, was wondering if any of you had similar problems to the one I'm experiencing at the moment with my back-ups.

Here's the problem: Everytime the back-up runs, it works fine for the most part, but it thinks the tape is full after it gets half way through backing up the pdc, there isn't even enough data to back up to fill the tapes. I've been through whats marked to be backed and it all looks fine. Was wondering if you guys had any ideas??




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    You are rotating the tapes right? I.E. (not using the same tape everyday). Are your backups set to replace data or append? Are you using any backup utility software such as Backup Exec or just the Windows Backup?
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    Yep, definetly rotating tapes correctly. The tape is erased before it starts. And I use no other backup.
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    I suggest that you try formatting a tape and see how that works - I have seen some tapes that have appeared to be smaller than what the drive expected due to not being fully formatted originally.

    The other thing, and probably the most important .... you have the correct size tapes for the drive?
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    You see, thing is, everything was working perfectly until just recently. Literallly over the pace of a week, it just started giving hastle.. I'm starting to think its the drive. But I'll try format a tape and see how I get on. Cheers buddy icon_wink.gif
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    No joy, formatted the tape before I left yesterday for last nights backup and the exact same message this morning. This is headwrecking!
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