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Hey guys,

I have been reading through Doyle's book and am having trouble understanding the Diffusing Computation Example on Page 278.

Can anyone explain to me why Lilienthal has (5888, 1280, 0, 1).

Specifically I would like to know why there is a difference between the Locally Calculated Distance of 5888, and the Feasible Distance of 1280 at Lilienthal. Shouldn't both be the same since Wright has become the Successor?

Since Lilienthal cannot go through Cayley anymore, why does it keep an FD of 1280. To me, the FD should be changed to 5888 since Lilienthal must go through Wright.

Thanks !

Looks like I'm not the only one with that question:

Is the reason that it does this for stability and loop avoidance?
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