CME Problem with SIP-UA Credentials

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i have a little Problem with my Credentials in the sip-ua configuration. If i configure a username incoming calls working fine. But after some time (some minutes i think?) no incoming calls working. If i than delete the credentials and configure it new it works again for some time?

Is there a timeout issue? What do i have to configure?

Second question is -> How could i force a new registration to the SIP Provider? For the moment i look at "show sip-ua register status" the timer before i can debug the registration process.

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    Give us a debug ccsip messages and we can see if its your or the ITSP that is dropping the call. I'm pretty sure I have a idea of what the problem is, but lets see first from the debugs. If its a timeout issue I think the issue below will fix it as I've had this problem with several carriers, if not we will have to dig deeper.

    voice class sip-profiles 100
    request INVITE sip-header Allow-Header modify " UPDATE, " " "
    request REINVITE sip-header Allow-Header modify " UPDATE, " " "
    response 180 sip-header Allow-Header modify " UPDATE, " " "
    response 200 sip-header Allow-Header modify " UPDATE, " " "

    voice service voip
    midcall-signaling passthru
    sip-profiles 100
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    tokhsstokhss Member Posts: 473
    Here are a few things that you will need to ensure your registration does not expire.

    voice service voip

    min-se << all in seconds
    registrar server expires max min <<< all in seconds

    retry invite
    retry register
    retry subscribe
    register dns:somesiptrunk.com expires

    good luck... talk to your sip provider or go to their website, look under the technical details and find out how long the sessions stay active .. based of that info, adjust your register timers.
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