Cisco Press Practical Studies: Remote Access

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I'm looking for a good reference book for remote access and I was wondering how this one matches up?


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    I don't know much about Cisco, but I've never heard anyone say bad about Cisco Press books. Probably the one to buy.....
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    I am doing Remote access at the moment, and find the Cisco press a good book, bear in mind as with most cisco books there are 2 books, the exam certification guide and the self study book. The Exam certification guide builds on the self study. I find therefore a combination of sybex and exam certification guide the best way to go with cisco exams.
    The worrying thing is with BCRAN is that that the Ciscopress one is really thin, but its failry deceptive as unlike BSCI it just jumps right in.
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    The Practical Studies book looks good from the little flipping through it I've done. Actually, all the practical studies books from Cisco look pretty decent, as they pretty much teach by hands on.
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