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I am a IT fresher with no experience yet and already done with todd lammle CCNA guide, Odem(ICND 1 & ICND 2), CBT Nuggets. Practiced on simulators(Packet Tracer, GNS3, VMware). Now i am all set for the exam and need only one month before exam, but my colleagues say you should first get some experience in this field and then take the cert or it may harmful for you to get your first job.
I need serious guidance on this please help me.icon_study.gif


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    In the USA, there is a wide variety of opinions among hiring managers about the value of IT certification. Some love them, some hate them, some ask for them only to fulfill contractual requirements, and many don't even know what they are. So you can hurt your chances of getting employment either by having or not having certifications. Many people opt for having the certifications, because hiring managers that don't value certification probably don't value training their employees either.

    I don't know how IT certifications are primarily viewed in India, but the prevailing opinion might be that certifications are best used to prove acquired experience, and that having a certification without the related work experience makes having the cert almost useless. If that's true then having passed most college classes (i.e., education without experience) would be seen as useless too, and I'm pretty sure that isn't the case.
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