Do I need a trust?

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I have a simple network with everything attached to one big HP switch.

There is an NT4 domain (say, NT4_domain) and I have recently installed a W2003 server on the network as a DC for my new domain name (NEW_domain). At the moment nobody apart from a lab PC logs onto the new domain as i'm just testing it.

Inside the NT4 domain there is a simple member file server running w2003 with all the share permissions set up and it works fine for everybody.

Permissions are in the format NT4_domain\Fred_Bloggs

My quesion is how do I gradually migrate all the users over to the new domain and still let them see the file server. I think Ill have to set up the permissions again but its no big deal as there aren't that many users and its a very simple set up (sales group get RW access to the sales folder etc)

I can't add New_domain\Fred_Bloggs to the old server as it doesn't know about the domain.

Do I need to set up a trust to do this? I want to move people over gradually over the next few months and 'retire' the NT4 server.


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