Exam again 70-270

Hi everybody,

I am going to make the 70-270 exam on 12 May 8.30. Well its going to be a retake and I WILL SURELY PASS THIS TIME.




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    best of luck
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    good luck, you sound confident...I am going for it soon, so tells us all about it when your done.
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    good luck cliff i am sure you will be fine

    The first time I took the exam I only had 4 days to prepare and it kicked my butt. I got like a 675 on it or something. I took it a week later and passed with around a 760.

    For me I focused on the obvious and realized M$ would throw curveballs too. So I studied up hardcore on the big things such as the install / deployment (RIS, attended, unattended with answer files) and permissioning and sharing. I went over but not in the greatest of detail powermanagment options, offline files, and efs.

    Good luck and I am sure you will be fine. Just take a deep breath and be confident in your answers.
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    GET-R-DUN !
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