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I recently passed my VCP5 exam and my next step is to gain Citrix CCEE. The requirements for CCEE are a combination of exams (XenApp 6, XenDesktop 5, XenServer 5.6, XenApp 5 Advanced Exam) and a special engineering exam

I have already cleared the XenApp 6 and XenDesktop 5 exams. The problem is though that Citirx seem to be releasing a new set of exams in Q1 2012 which will be XenServer 6 and XenApp 6.5 advanced exam.

Does anybody know if the requirements for the CCEE will change? I dont want to go through and do the 3 exams left and then as soon as i finish the cert is updated and I have to take them all over again!!


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    at some point the whole track will update to xenapp 6.5 and other newer exams, but i'm not sure when that will happen. If you look through the site, there is an FAQ that states once the new track is released, you have 6 months to finish the old one. They seem to update the XenDesktop and XenServer exams as needed. i just passed XenApp5. I'm looking at XenApp 5 AA in January and XenDesktop 5 in March.

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