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Hello - I am somewhat new to this and I apologize.

I am trying to get a Voice/Data setup going.
I currently have VZ Fios using the Fios router but I also want to use my Cisco 2650XM Voice router and allow it to pass data.
The problem I have is the IP Phones want to get the config files but the IP addresses of the phone are pulling from the DHCP on the Fios Router but they need to get the IP from the Voice Router.

Can someone please assist me in getting this to work correctly.
The IP of my VZ Fios is while my Cisco 2650XM is



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    Just a reminder: The only way your phones will pull a DHCP address from the FIOS router is if they are on the same network segment as the FIOS router's ethernet LAN, or if some sort of ip-helper address is configured on your voice router. I would assume you would need to configure one of the 2650XM's ethernet ports to be on the network, and configure a second ethernet port to be on the172.16.1.0 network, connected to the switch that services your phones.

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