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Hey everyone. I've noticed there aren't too many posts on SWITCH (most are ROUTE or TSHOOT), so I figured I'd get a topic going. I think I'm going to take SWITCH in a week or two, but I'm feeling slightly nervous because of the few other posts I've seen about the test questions being confusing, the sims crashing, or other random weirdness. I've read through OCG six times, read the CCNP Quick Reference (SWITCH) several other times, plus currently going through CBT Nuggets. I haven't been labbing it up a great deal because of old equipment, but our customer's production network carries most of the configurations on 6500s. I can generally telnet in, look at the real-world setup, and do show commands to see what I need to see.

My company will pay for the test if I pass, but I don't like wasting $200 bucks if I can help it lol. So...any last minute tips before I get froggy and jump in?


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    I would say spend time in the CLI going through the commands.. yes you read all the books but until your in the CLI doing the commands for me anyway its when it all comes together and make sense.. Especially with this exam and how quirkly it is I would say you want to be really familiar with the CLI.
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    I passed the SWITCH exam last week and did very well on it! I would say lab as many of the topics as you can and be very thorough in verifying your configurations. I did the Boson practice tests until my fingers were numb and my eyes were glazing over and that seems to have helped on every Cisco test I've taken up to this point. If you feel like your not 100% on a topic I'd say review it until you are. There are a lot of different topics on this exam and understanding the details is very important.
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    +1 on everything fa0/1 said.

    SWITCH is one of the toughest exams I've seen.
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