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Hi every one,

I'm now decided to buy 2 X 1760 routers and 1 X 2620XM ,thats give more flexability in feuture to add more gears for CCNP, but I want to ask about the WIC interfaces...

There is WIC-2T serial int. which is run from 128Mbps to 1.544Mbps.. right?
also there is WIC 2A/S serial int. which is run only 128Mbps
and both using the smart cables...

I'm I able to connect these interfaces together without having a speed problem/ mismutch? and which one better for the CCNA exam.(have more features)?

Also about DSU-T1 and DSU-56k, are they usefull in some how? meanning Can I use them to connect to routers in same subnet, run RIPs, or my be PPP/FR, if so, what cable I should use in between (Crossover or St.)?

Little note: (WIC-2T 2 ports prices on ebay about 40$, WIC A/S 2 ports about 23$, DSU-T1/56K it comes with the routers some time)..
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