Should I wait til I schedule exam to start studying

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I was wondering, finacially its a little t ough for me right now but I have everything I need to start studying for my CCNA. I hate to put all that info in my brain and dont have the money to pay for exam yet so I was wondering should I wait and schedule it first or just start studying anyway. A lot of people say schedule it a ways out that way you will have the goal to work toward it but I dont know. It may take ma a couple of months or so. I have an I.T. background and have taken the test years ago and came close. I have also had a few cisco classes years ago too. Just trying to get some advice.


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    hell no! start as soon as possible
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    What i usually do is study the harder that i can and when i feel confortable with the blueprints, i book the exam for the next day and then i go sleep icon_smile.gif
    But you generally need some motivation and willing to spend time...

    So i would book the exam 2-3 months from now and study 15-20 hours / week
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    Thanks so much guys, yea the way I see it may as well get everything in my brain now. A lot of it is coming back to me. I think I will start with subnetting first this time and then go through the material. Once I get the finances straight to pay for the test I will schedule it but in the meantime I will just start going through the CBT nuggets videos with Packet Tracer and if I need more help I will probably use the Sybex book. I took it twice years ago, the first time I got a 707 and the second time I got an 809. I have a Telecommunications/Tech Support type background so I have a basic understanding of a lot of the stuff.
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    If money is tight; do the two part ICND1/ICND2 approach.

    AND START STUDYING NOW!!!!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Yea I was thinking about doing the two part method. I have a few friends who got CCENT and were able to get work pretty quick. They have telecom and basic tech support backgrounds. I'm working through subnetting now and then I will go through the rest. The subnetting is one of the toughest parts for me but once I get rolling with it its second nature. Thanks so much.
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    Even if you aren't going to do the exam soon start doing labs and subnetting - the more practise on those the better

    if you don't have hardware or access
    packet tracer
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    As already stated, it's never too early to start studying. Here's a nice big list of free and legit resources to get you started:

    Yet Another Cisco Blog: Free CCNA Resources
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    Yea thats what I was thinking, doing the subnetting and labs and then start working my way through the other material. That way I can at least have a lot of that down.
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