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I am in the process of putting a virtualization plan in place and wondering, from a pure virtualization perspective, which hardware vendor provides the best virtualization solution? Would like to know if any of you have had any experiences using virtualization on DELL hardware, SUN, HP or IBM hardware. Also wondering, if any of you were able to get a decent discount from any of these hardware or vitualization software vendors. Appreciate your help.


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    All my VM stuff is done on HP kit. We usually either use DL380's & an MSA for smaller clients or C3000 blade enclosures and blades with fibre switches & MSA's for larger jobs.

    I've never paid retail for anything, quite often we're getting it for below average disty prices. Being a preferred partner and knowing where to source from saves a fortune.

    What are you planning?
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    Define "best solution" and "virtualization"? There is not a single best solution in general, only one that works best in your particular scenario... Things to consider:
    - virtualization platform (os)
    - goals (price, performance, etc)
    - environment size/design
    - support contracts
    - existing relationships with vendors/resellers
    - etc etc...
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