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I'm planning to take my ICND1 very soon, i have done the week training course and have used the CBT nuggets video's but when i try online questions i am still struggling a bit.
Anyone got any good tips!


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    i found these helped me.

    1) read the odom book, it was a valuable resource and my main resource
    2) watch cbt's for a visual understanding.
    3) lab lab lab and more labbing :)
    4) cisco docs - excellent free tool.
    5) master subnetting within 10 seconds
    6) learn how to approach cisco questions - i.e. read, re-read and pick out detail. Analyse answers, eliminate incorrect and zone down to an answer.
    7) any questions no matter how big, small or dumb ass(:D) then fire away on TE. its an awesome community.
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