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Hey, in the past I've done C++, Visual Basic .NET, Java, and HTML.
HTML probably isn't really considerd coding/programming but anyways.

I'm looking to learn a new powerful language. I'm not looking to learn how to make a calculator program but to make programs reply on/use protocols. I figure this would be great practice and understanding for me as a person whose interested in becoming a network administrator.

Does anyone have any languages they would recommend?
I just don't like VB.NET because a lot of the stuff is automated. When I used that program, it felt like I was using something similar to Frontpage/Dreamweaver to do html.

Also, I would like a programming language that would also work with Linux (if that's possible) I'm assuming, it's impossible to code a VB .NET program to work in linux. So that's why I don't want to expand any furthur on that language aswell..

Any suggestions is appreciated. thanks.
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    I think that Perl and Python are good scipting language to look at. Currently I am using learning more Python.
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    Perl sounds perfect for you, since you're wanting to get into Network Administration rather than hardcore programming and since you want to program in Linux.

    It's a fun language, is excellent for scripting, and is natively supported in Linux. You can also code Perl in Windows with ease, if you're so inclined.
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    You guys have a IDE/compiler to recommend for Perl?
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    spfdz wrote:
    You guys have a IDE/compiler to recommend for Perl?

    I love perl because it is so different and so powerful. C++ and Java are fairly similar in code structure, with the only major difference being the fact that Java's API has much of the low-level stuff built into it, and even has GUI and low-level drawing routines built in. ANSI C++'s STL is not nearly as complete, but it's not meant to be either.

    Perl is such a powerful text manipuling language that the possibilities are endless. It's the "pocket knife" of programming languages, as they say!

    As for the compiler, well there really isn't one since Perl is an interpreted language. But here's more information -

    If you have unix or Linux, you probably already have perl installed. Personally, I use ActivePerl on my Windows XP machine, which is also available for Linux and Solaris. I just use TextPad as my text editor...I'm sure there's more sophisticated text editors which integrate with ActivePerl too.
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    ActivePerl is what I used on my XP machine as well.

    I used gvim as my editor.
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