OT: Internet Explorer not saving page setup

Hi Guys,

I am having quite a crappy problem with IE. I have this user that changes the page setup in IE for margins so it can print on a label, now that fine you can restart IE many times and its saves the layout etc. But when they log off it reverts back to the default.

I have changed the main printer details and that saves perfectly. I've also looked in their for a margin setup but nothing so the only way to do it is via IE.

As I'm a contractor in there I have said you need to ask your IT team if you have permissions to save changes, but my "boss" says that we have to MAKE sure its not the printer itself. So I need to ask if anyone has come across this before. Microsofts KB says as a FIX to just set it up everytime you launch it, which is not what we want as it was working fine before hand.

I believe the guy messed around with it himself and forgot what he done so its now me figuring it out.


P.S. They are on a win2k domain and XP machine running IE6 (will suggest updating to latest IE)
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