SANS 546: IPv6 Essentials

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It's Black Friday and I just finished getting through SEC546.

This is a short one-day course that is somewhat unlike other SANS offerings as it covers little regarding the security aspects of the primary subject matter. Still, considering that most documentation I've come across regarding IPv6 has been rather dry and difficult to absorb for someone like me, I felt the course was worth spending a day on to become more familiar with the inevitable IPv4-to-IPv6 transitions, etc..

This OnDemand course is taught by Johannes Ullrich:

Obviously a smart guy, but I found his accent a little difficult to understand at times. Minor point in the grand scheme of things and your experience may differ. There were some references to software version numbers in the class (such as Snort 2.8.6) which seems to imply that the material is probably a year old. The OnDemand bundle provides five MP3s which are roughly 40 minutes each. Great listening for daily commutes.

A question that recently came up at my job: "What is your current IPv6 strategy?" To which my team's response has essentially been, "Umm ... we'll get back to you." I always thought I'd be able to keep pushing off my IPv6 studies a bit farther down since there's always something seemingly more important on the front line. Well, time to pay some dues and get to it.

For some basic lab exercises, the course provides a couple of Linux virtual machines running IPv6, one which acts as an IPv6 router. There isn't a whole lot of hacking-how-to with these, but this isn't the purpose of the course. However, considering that I'm in the middle of evaluating a higher-end firewall appliance at work, it did provide me with new ways for testing the device and asking the vendor very specific questions. Every vendor I've recently dealt with in regards to networking products has always claimed "IPv6 support." This class will make you realize that might only be a partial truth and you'll have to push your vendors beyond the usual marketing responses.

Overall, I found the material helpful. I found a coupon code elsewhere and was able to purchase the course at a slight discount. The price of the course may or may not be worth it for you as there's plenty of information on the subject for free online and in other study material you may already own, but if you're used to the OnDemand format it certainly is a viable introduction / additional emphasis on learning IPv6. I have earned enough OnDemand Rewards points by now that purchasing this class made me eligible for a free full-length course, so in a way it was worth it just for that alone.
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