Regis: DBA/SE program?

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Hello everyone,

I posted a few months back considering doing a career change to IT, since there seems to be no jobs in public health research in this economy. Sadly one of the first things our govt cut is research dollars.

Looking at IT, I am highly interested in Software Engineering. I already have a Masters in Public Health (doesn't seem to be any jobs out there! for the typical MPH).. I think with my MPH training and some DBA training, it would at least open some doors in health informatics, which focuses a lot in DB and electronic medical records. This seems to be the new trend in the medical field.

So I found this program through Regis (Master of Science in Software Engineering and Database Technologies Degree - Regis University CPS) that provides training in both SE and DBA.. Since it is not 1 focus, I am wondering will the coursework provide me adequate training to be a DBA and also to develop software? In my last post, people recommended getting a degree and than get the certs as needed after I get the degree. Would this program train be well for cert.? I think the DBA cert would be important (i.e SQL Server or Oracle)... but I don't think the SE cert would be important?

Any advice needed would be helpful?
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