QOS for MAPI cleint (MS OUTLOOK 2003)

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I was wondering if you gurus knew of any QOS techniques for increase MS OUTLOOK 2003 speed. We just starting using this new backup system call Unitrends and it is sucking the life out of the WAN and thus sucking MS OUTOOK 2003 exchange server - the life. I cannot even
open my MS outlook while thee backups suck the pipe dry any tips. we are getting more pipe spped soon but I know there still will be band issues due to the backups hogging the network?
any ideas?


  • drkatdrkat Banned Posts: 703
    Have you thought about throttling your back up? If you're maxed out QoS "might help" but you cant make a T1 behave like a T3 ya know?

    I'm assuming this is site-to-site back up that is running.

    You can try cached-exchange mode so at least the client is functional but i think the real problem here is obviously bandwidth - throttling would be your best option at this point.
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    Is this that same issue you were having in another thread? What kind of data circuit is this? What is your commit rate from the bandwidth provider?
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    yeh drkat I am going to throttle my backups I am going to have to. It seems if you give a backup
    15 Meg pipe it will use the 15 meg pipe so yep going to throttle the backups for sure bud thanks

    commit rate is 10 MEG from corp office, branch2 is 3 meg(t2 = 2 T1s bonded) and branch3 is 3 meg (fiber)

    I am getting more pipe soon 15 meg fiber at corp HQ and 10 meg fiber at brnach 3 and 5 meg fiber at branch 2.

    but I am going to throttle the backups and see how the run without datacorruption.

    Just looking for some QOS techniques to learn to have the rate-limit command use more pipe if there is any available. I want it to use any pipe that not being used and when it is used then back off and only use the rate-limit. want to set this at each branch site Gateway.
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    How is the 10 meg from corporate terminated? Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Gig Fiber? Something Else? And branch 3 is a 3 meg commit rate terminated on Gig Fiber?

    Remember, if there is no congestion on the link then bandwidth reservations aren't going to kick in. I think you are stuck with the rate-limit command at Corporate and Branch 3. You should be able to create some effective CBWFQ policies at Branch 2 since your commit rate matches your physical constraints.

    the QoS bandwidth reservations don't kick in until there's saturation on the link. If you try and setup a CBWFQ policy on a 100 meg interface that's being rate limited on the far end to something less, you're going to find your policy has no effect.
  • drkatdrkat Banned Posts: 703
    Yeah I honestly think the rate-limit is gonna be your best.. just throw a policer on it to smooth out any data corruption and then work on installing a larger pipe.

    @cisco_tropper - you have no idea how much QoS comes up at my job where it's a constant re-iteration of saturation and bandwidth reservations vs "carving a link"

    -- just a comment not to reflect the OP. I just find that QoS is one of the most talked about topics in corporate.
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    yep when I adjusted the burst rates from a minimum and extended value the rate-limit I set on a server worked great. but I am going to have
    to crack some books open and lab it up for some good policy stuff and QOs techniques but kind of excited..kind of fun playing with the bits and bytes haahah ;)I wil report back how it goes. but yep bigger pipe on order going to be 15 meg fiber at HQ and then branch 3 is 10 meg fiber and branch 2 is 5 meg fiber..going carve that bad boy up cause man funny how backup system just blood suck the life out of the pipes!
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    thanks a bunch daniel wow this looks good!
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