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Afternoon All,

Was wondering has anyone taken the new ARCH exam 874, I was recently informed by Cisco that the old exam topics for 873 has been removed, is this true? Also Cisco Press has printed a new study Guide explicitly dedicated to 642-874, so I'm curious as to if any of the old topic from 873 would be helpful. The is book 70 buck's but my friend has the old 873 which I'm reading now, Just don't want to do redundant reading if material is obsolete.

Thanks all,
Any assistance is appreciated Sincerely..

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    Hi Tom
    You can register with and probably get the book for 48.00 ( that's the price i see with my login)
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    I may tackle the CCDP sometime first quarter 2012..

    new objectives can be found here:
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    If you examine the previous syllabus versus the current edition you'll see that the majority of the content has remained the same while some areas have been updated. A few sections were removed in favor of more modern technologies, such as virtualization, while other sections have been De-emphasized to allow for better concentration on the core principles of design.

    I completed the 642-873 last year and have been working with a coworker while he studies for the 642-874. I still maintain that my best advice is to review the self-study material as well as the Top Down Network Design 3rd edition. As a "lab" apply the best practices and methodologies to your current or previous network infrastructure and prepare a written narrative of findings along with an existing state set of documentation (visio's) that highlights the layer 2 and layer 3 design. Follow it up by producing a summary of findings and list the recommendations you would have, if any.

    Also just a reminder that the DESIGN and ARCH content may not have as much hands on configuration/implementation as some of the other exams, but it requires even more mastery of the subject matter. It definitely helped me put a few things into perspective.
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