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I just took the CISSP in Charleston, SC for the first time. After all of the practice tests and studying, I still thought everyone was kidding when they said how draining this exam was. It only took me 3 hours to complete and I have no clue if I passed and have been mentally exhausted this entire day.

It seems as though this exam is pretty hard to guess whether you did well or poorly. I keep replaying questions in my head and still can't get a handle on how I did. How many people here passed the exam on their first try and does anyone know if the amount of time it takes to get your results is dependent upon where you took the exam at all?



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    not sure if location affects grading but it very well might, i took mine 10/22/11 in boston and there were about 30 other people, it took till 11/30 to get my results... not sure why so long but i too had no idea how i did. if you need to know, i didnt pass, i was 7 points short... however all i did for prep was read and outline shon haris' 5th ed CISSP exam book, didnt get much time to study more than that, took me 4 1/2 hrs for the test.

    everyone asked me how i think i did and i was the same as you, i had no clue if i bombed it, aced it, got a pass or a fail, no clue, just did my best and didnt second guess anything.

    its a hard test and you should just forget about it completely till your results arrive because, honestly, the worst part of the whole CISSP experience is the wait...
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    The proctors are suppose to immediately return the exams via whatever delivery service the (ISC)2 is using in that area (FedEx, etc.). There is a considerable delay if the exams are coming in from overseas and must go through customs. Once the exams are probably distributed/graded by a third-party and then sent to the (ISC)2 for final approval and notification. The (ISC)2 is a rather small organization man power-wise, so the limited availability of staff because of seasonal holidays, personal vacations, illness, etc. can be a factor too.

    The only recourse you have is to find something else to do to take your mind off the wait. ;)
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    JD good morning,
    Question, is there a book are site to help study for multi-part test questions. For example, a question may be number #60 and has questions a,b,c,d questions but number 61, 62 and 63 are part of the orginal paragraph refferenced in number 60.
    I am having a problem understanding the logic with these types of question. I don't know if I should answer question 61, 62, and 63 by refferencing the orginal question listed in number 60. Can you shed some light on this type of test questions. I know my subject matter but I don't understand the concept of this type of multiple part test questions.

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    Don't sweat the paragraph/scenario type questions. Usually you will see bold text that says use the following for questions x, y, & z. For all the paragraph questions I had you didn't even need the paragraph of distractors. The question and answers were sufficient to be stand-alone without even reading the paragraph. Just don't rush to pick an answer. Read the question, then read it a second time and a third if needed and you'll be fine.
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    Thanks. It seems so simple to pick the correct answer when it is explained.

    Thanks again,
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    Well, I got my results today and...I passed!! Now to wait and see how I did on the CISA.
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    Congratulations Will!!
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    Yes, congratulations on your pass! icon_cheers.gif
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    Right on, congrats!
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    Thanks so much, guys!! Now that I've passed the CiSSp and the endorsement is on the way, what should I try for (real ready taken the CiSA awaiting results)? I am being told the next step is GCiH is that correct?
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