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Hi there,

I'm just about ready to do this exam would anyone be able to give some advice on it - would you say this exam would be much the same as 218 along the lines of Sites and GPO's. I've done 218 already and the MSPress book for 218 had a good chunk of AD in it already and the exam that I was given was full of AD... what would you say?



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    It is not the same as 218, its more a case study format exam. What materials have you used? I would recommend that you take 216 prior to 217 since a lot has to do with DNS, RRAS, DHCP that will totally take you off guard.

    When I initially started my mcse 2000 plan, I took 210 - 1 month prep - passed, 215 - 1 month prep - passed, then I went to 217 since everyone was saying it was much easier than 216. Big mistake!!!

    I was taken by surprise since it had a lot of RRAS and DNS questions but more in a case study format. I studied for it 3 months but I wasnt prepared for it. Nonetheless I make 640 I think.

    Right now I am preparing to sit 216 next Saturday and then 217 there after.

    If you will do 217 I suggest to do some prep test and re-read your mateials. If you have 216 study course read over dns, wins, dhco and rras. It will definately help. Just my 5 mins of suggestion.
    What next?
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    cheers, I've aleady done 210 - 215 - 216 - 218 and found 216 to be easy.

    I agree with you when it comes to practice exams I'm using easycert - no there not brain ****, there better than transcender when it comes to being real. 218 covered alot of AD which really should be done after the 217 exams. l didn't know 217 was in a case study format - the punches keep rolling!!!!!

    thanks for you advice M8
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