Advice needed for phone interview for Junior Information Assurance opportunity

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Hi everyone:
I’m hoping that someone could provide some detail to the job duties below (in bold) and answer a couple of general questions concerning the Jr. Information Assurance Analyst position I’m pursuing
Any advice concerning Phone interview Q&A (Junior IA) would be appreciated
Also, I’m looking for an assessment test for the GCIA Certification
Thanks in advance!!!
(From the Job Description posted)
Our Jr. Information Assurance Analyst job duties include
- Working on application problems involving all phases of systems analysis to provide IA solutions.
- Providing technical support for secure software development tasks, including the review of work products for correctness, adherence to the design concept and to user standards.

Role involves 800-53A concepts/tasks?
Part of a Scrum Team?
Data Entry/Classification?
Database tasks/SQL Quires?
Security Tools used?? (Solaris/SourceFire)
Linux/Unix skill level needed?

Any advice is welcome---- Thanks again!!!!


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