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I have a few questions concerning FDDI.


1. FDDI is defined at the MAC sub layer and the Physical layer of the OSI model. In other words FDDI as it relates to the OSI MODEL is Layer one Physical and Layer 2 Data-Link ?

2. FDDI standards
PRM = Physical Layer Medium Dependet
PHY = Physical Layer Protocol
MAC= Media Access Control
SMT=Station Managemnt

When I read there purposes I think back to the different layers of the OSI Model. Are FDDI standards Protocols seperate from the OSI model or am I thinking in the wrong Direction ?

Please Advise.
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    I think you're on the right track. It seems what they're talking about is this: FDDI is dependent on physical layer fiber, without the fiber, you can't have FDDI (this is where PRM and PHY come in). I would then group FDDI data transfer protocols into layer 2.

    Almost everything has to do with the OSI model when you're talking networking, unless you're talking about specific models - for example, SNA networking model from IBM or the TCP/IP model from the DoD in the 1970's.

    Hope this helps! icon_cool.gif
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