Questions regarding taking the SSCP or CISSP exams

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This may be my own paranoia, but i was wonder about the the proctored exams (booklet/exam) type test that are given by Infosec. How does one even feel comfortable with submitting a test without having to worry that the test won't be switch or tampered with? How sure can a candidate be with "THEIR" exam and money in the hands of some "proctor".


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    Yes, it may be your own paranoia:)

    Most people are trustworthy and when you expect the best from them, that's what you get. You will also fill in the bubble sheet with your name and information, and put your answers on the same bubble sheet. I couldn't imagine a proctor changing this information. Well, unless maybe a test taker started questioning the proctor saying things like "How do I know you're not going to change the name on my answer sheet? How do I know you're not going to change my answers? How can I trust you?" If you expect the worst from people, sometimes that's what they'll give you.

    Kidding aside though, the content is what you really need to focus on. The exams are tough enough on their own.

    Good luck,

    Darril Gibson
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    Will this new SSCP book be just like the very successful Security+ guide in which the subject matter is easy to follow along, to the point where after reading and studying it, will almost guarantee for you to pass?

    Security+ Get Certified Get Ahead was a book that proved to be the ONLY source/study-guide anyone will ONLY need in order to earn a Security+ certification. If this SSCP exam guide is written in the same way (which I hope it is) as the Security+, I sure hope that after reading/studying it

    will assist me in passing the SSCP in a couple of weeks with ease, as I have high expectations for any books that are written by you. I will be using your SSCP AIO exam guide addition to the Official (ISC)2 Guide to the SSCP CBK, Second Edition ((ISC)2 Press) in preparing for my SSCP exam

    which I will be taking in several weeks.
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    Thanks for the kind words on the Security+ Get Certified Get Ahead study guide. There are several differences to consider.

    First, I self-published the Security+ study guide so I was able to use my own style and format. The SSCP guide is in the format desired/required by the publisher which is a little different. Not necessarily better or worse, but different. It's entirely possible the different formats work differently for different people.

    Second, CompTIA and ISC2 exams are also different. The CompTIA Security+ objectives are very clear and they create their tests very close to the objectives they provide. This allows an author to focus on ensuring readers understand specific topics. ISC2 objectives are broader and their questions don't always use the same words as you'll find in the objectives. This requires an author to sometimes paint in broader strokes to give a full picture of the topics without the benefit of filling in all the details. However, for the readers with relevant experience, the concepts should be clear and they should be able to successfully take and pass the exam.

    It's rare that any book would be the only book that you need to take and pass any certification exam. I'm very grateful that it has worked out that way for so many people that have taken the Security+ exam but I'd be reluctant to say so myself for any of my books. I'm glad to see that you are also using a second source. In short, don't underestimate this exam.

    Good luck on the exam. Let us know how you do.

    Darril Gibson
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