Updated: Offensive Security Wireless Attacks

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They finally released an new version of WiFu, now using BackTrack 5.



Demo video:

$450 for the course. $100 upgrade for previous WiFu students. Doesn't look like they cover 802.1X environments however, which is a bummer. At the same time, 802.1X setups can be a bit tricky to get going for the uninitiated (plus you need an AP that can reliably support it with manufacturer-supported firmware).
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    I've been waiting for this update for too long!!! :)

    I'm going to take this immediately after my OSCP course pending reviews are good.

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    I will definitely take this course after OSCP, which I will start in Jan! cant wait
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    Christmas came early for me.

    When I took BackTrack WiFu in August (of last year), I reported a small bug in their course. It was a very minor issue so I forgot about it shortly after.

    Today I got an interesting message in my inbox from OffSec - they gave me a free copy of their newly-released course! Wow, how thoughtful of them! I guess "trying harder" in small ways pays off with results you wouldn't expect. I understand that's part of the pentester's experience, but damn...

    As far as I can tell, the video in the new version seems more clearer (or maybe the recording frame rate is higher). The actual set of video files takes three times more disk space, although this might be attributed to better video quality. I just quickly looked at the content so I'm not sure. I will say that scanning through the lab manual's table of contents and seeing a lot of new material about WPA cracking is really exciting (this information is also in the public syllabus). This is the kind of stuff that I had hoped was in the previous version of the course. If you've been waiting for a solid Wi-Fi attack course, this is probably it.

    While I have SANS 542 to go through for the rest of the year, I definitely hope to circle back to BackTrack WiFu 3.0 pretty soon. I'm going to be so busy with work and training in the upcoming months that it's not even funny.
    Hopefully-useful stuff I've written: http://kimiushida.com/bitsandpieces/articles/
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