broadcast domains in Vlans

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I can't understand when a router is needed through switches for VLANS ...

1) In one switch if I create some VLANS , I create both collision and broadcast domains per segments , without a router attached ?

2) I only need a router when more than one switch are connected using VLANS ?



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    hi AkuMa

    Router does the job of forwading inter Vlan traffic. It only comes into the picture when traffic is being forwaded between 2 switches.

    i hope i am correct. :D

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    I can' t understand if a single switch without a router attached can separate broadcast domain with vlans ... icon_cry.gif
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    I haven't gotten to the switching and VLAN parts for the CCNA TechNotes, but maybe this one from Net+ might clear up the basic idea:
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    Thanks web master now I 've the answer to my question :

    Switch with vlan configured can separate broadcast domain without a router icon_wink.gif
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