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833/1000 with 804 being the minimum passing score.

Let me tell you what I had in posession and what actually worked. I owned: Transcender practice test, CBT Nuggets, Lean Key training, and the Exam Force Practice test. I also took classes at a community college that used the Cisco Networking Academy. Out of all of these, the Cisco Networking Academy by FAR helped the most. The final exam is very similar to the actual certification. It almost felt like I used a brain **** which I can say with a lie detector test I didn't **** at all.

Now let me tell you the ones that are useful and not useful. LearnKey might be good for a quick review, but they go really fast and the trainer doesn't elaborate on the concepts. CBT Nuggets does a much better job at going at a good pace where you can absorb the information. Exam Force practice tests are worthless; they are junk. Transcender's test is much better and gives you a much more accurate measurement on how much you know.

I recommend watching CBT Nuggets. Then go through the Cisco Networking academy at a college. Then use Transcender's practice test to review. Also, be sure you know the SDM. I really had to dig deep in my brain to figure out where things were in the Additional Tasks part to answer the simulations. Anybody can go through the wizard and look at the edit page after the wizard is complete. It's the additional tasks page for the Zone based firewalls and VPNs. You've got to know the parts and pieces to the VPNs and Zone firewalls and know where things are when they ask questions. If you are good with the SDM, you'll drastically cut the time down to how long it will take you to finish this exam.


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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Congrats on the pass!

    It looks to me like the hands on helped the most, as the Network Academy is a lot of hands on. As far as the quality of the practice test, I dunno. I feel that the Sybex book I used was more than adequate preparation for the exam I took, as everything on the test was indeed covered. Also, there were no confusing questions.

    It's straightforward, and if you lab the topics, you should pass easily.
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    Please tell me whether there is any simulations present in the ccna security Exam. Iam planning to take the exam tommorrow please reply as soon as possible. Thanks in Advance.
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    Unfortunately such information is covered by the NDA, like any other Cisco exam there are a number of different question styles. If you get what I mean..
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