Help a newbie to connect to a 1700 cisco router and reconfigure it

kembz1kembz1 Member Posts: 4 ■■■□□□□□□□
thanx for this forum. please assist me connect to an old 1700 Cisco router
i was given in my quest to embark on the Cisco journey. i have a win 7 PC
where i added hyper terminal from win xp. I also have made a rollover cable for the console port,
i have a rj45-to-db9 connector, a small LAN using two pc's.
the problem is , i cant telnet because of authentication issues( i don't have the password). so,
am trying to go the console way and changed one of my straight through cables to rollover
using the pinout given. when i run my hyper terminal with the set parameters, nothing happens
i cannot see the router come up in the window.

How can i see it so i can reset the password to start my labs?


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