How much study time for someone who took a networking class to pass Net+?

Mr.RitzMr.Ritz Junior MemberMember Posts: 25 ■□□□□□□□□□
So yeah funny thing happen my professor decided to W me because I turned in a ton of work all at once. At least I think that is what happen as he wont respond to emails icon_rolleyes.gif I did pass the MS networking fundamentals exam which I know is ultra easy and means nothing but I am hoping reading 15 chapters of networking and passing that silly exam puts me somewhere. My goal is to pass the Network+ by the 15th of next month so I can try and get the college to waive the class for me. This whole situation is silly I saved all my course work and all my test questions to the class. I could just sign up again and submit all the work on day one and there should be no reason they shouldn't give me an A.

Are there any pay websites with classes that charge by the month or day?


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