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Hello everybody. I’m taking the 70-270 on the 27th and I was wondering if anybody has any tips on taking this exam. I’ve used the CBT nuggets series for this test and I’m currently using **** Ver. 22 and Transcender for practice question. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.javascript:emoticon(':D')
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    Honestly I wouldn't recomend using brain ****. Pick up a copy of Exam Cram2.
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    Use CBT and tarnscenders. I had used Transcenders in the past and they are some tough questions on there. Anways, the do provide some great reading materials to questions missed.
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    Transcender are very good. I also liked preplogic and boson. It's better to study hard and know your stuff than **** and be caught out in a real life scenario.

    Best of luck anyhow.

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    I would agree with GBAgirl, its better to know the material than to ****, the company that will hire you will expect a certain type of competence from you and if you can't provide or produce it then they might question it or even worse fire you. I'm thinking about purchasing the CBT for 70-270, since reading the study guidebook for exam cram doesn't allow me to fully absorb the topics in detail in order to pass the exam.

    Anyhow, with the certs that you currently hold, there shouldn't be much work or study involved to pass the test. Might want to check out the exam cram or the study notes from this site. Best of luck, on your exam.
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    12mcken wrote:
    Anyhow, with the certs that you currently hold, there shouldn't be much work or study involved. quote]

    Not if he cheated his way through certs! I can't understand cheaters like this guy!
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    **** to get mcse and dont even understand what the hell is AD....we will not tolerate such posts...we dont tolerate brain **** either...
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