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I am winding down preparations for my Network+ exam this upcoming Tuesday. I've used Glen Clarke's CompTIA Network+ Certification Study Guide, Fourth Addition, Professor Messer's videos and written out a pretty large stack of flash cards for studying.

To wrap things up, I've taken the practice exams provided with the book I purchased and the quizzes provided on TechExams. Does anyone recommend a reliable source for additional practice exams/questions? I've been scoring around 90% and above on what I've taken so far, but would be a lot more confident on Tuesday if I could continue to back up that performance.



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    I had used the CompTIA Network + book by Lammle, the CompTIA Network+ N10-005 Authorized Cert Guide by Kevin Wallace, the Professor Messer videos, as well as a few practice exams. Surprisingly I had gotten an 852/900 even though I had studied for the 2009 exam and read the newer book over the weekend. Perhaps I had over-studied, but the test really wasn't so bad.

    So my advice is try your best. The hardest part of the exam was 1 subnetting question for me and a few cable lengths and standards. If you studied, you should do fine. The A+ 220-702 was much harder for me for some reason.
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