Waiting for EX-300 results...

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Dear all,

after passing EX-200 a few months ago and still having EX-300 on this year's to-do-list I decided to take the last test date in 2011 (December 16th) in Cologne to give it a shot.

As many others have written, time is no longer your friend on this exam. You have only 2 hours and there are quite some things to do. Surprisingly, I didn't find it much harder than EX-200. The question are usually straight-forward and if you know which config files to edit and which programs to install you should be on your way. There was only one task that threw me off but everything else should be doable for the experienced Red Hat Administrator.

Last time I got the results at around 3 a.m. on Saturday but it's now already 11 a.m. and there is still now email from Red Hat. I can't wait to get the results because I am really unsure if I passed or not :-/

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