CompTIA Cloud Essentials

CompTIA Cloud Essentials

I don't know how popular this is as it is pretty new I think. Anyone here ever challenge this? I wonder if it's worth challenging and what kind of knowledge would be gained...
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    CoolAsAFan wrote: »
    CompTIA Cloud Essentials

    I don't know how popular this is as it is pretty new I think. Anyone here ever challenge this? I wonder if it's worth challenging and what kind of knowledge would be gained...

    Never heard of it...
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    There is now an e-book option that is only 32 bucks (ElementK). I work in cloud technology so I might take this though I believe it is not a highly technical cert and fairly basic. The advantage is that the cloud is hot and the cert is relatively unknown so it may add more value to a resume than it actually deserves. HR folks rarely understand these things in my experience and it isnt unusual to find an occasional IT manager that falls under the same category. It should honestly provide you with enough background information that you can speak inteligently on the subject.
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    There is now an e-book option that is only 32 bucks (ElementK).
    I couldn't find it on the ElementK website, can you post a link to the e-book, please?
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    I recently purchased the Syngress Cloud Security (secuiring the cloud) book and also the Cloud Computing Bible and Cloud Computing Explained. I printed off the Cloud cert objectives from CompTIA and basically matched them against the contents of my books. I am hopeful that one day I can sit the cert using these as the Itprenuers seems a bit steep for my liking as far as their learning packages go.

    It is worth checking the vendors who are current <to my knowledge administering cloud certs> below details some for you:

    CompTIA Cloud Essentials

    Cloud Certified Professional (CCP) - - Certifications - Certified Cloud Technology Professional

    Cloud Computing Courses

    the Council has three main objectives

    Hope this helps:)
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    what title do you receive after passing CompTIA Cloud Essentials exam?
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    I am thinking of this one as well. But, I am still on the fence. At $191 and only 50 Qs Max..Its a hard cert to swallow. 720/900 to pass.
    The book for it on amazon is still on pre order, $31.50. not available until Oct. 2013. The book link below
    So, now its $200+ for an "entry" cert. If I get go for it...It will be after the book is released.
    Or, get the objectives and hunt for the information on the net.

    CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certification Study Guide (Exam CL0-001) (Certification Press): Robert Shimonski: 9780071800433: Books
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    I sat for Cloud Essentials last week, and passed. It's not a tricky exam, but not easy either. It's a great introduction to cloud concepts like virtualization considerations, all the basics on the various "as as service" models, and even covers some ITIL Foundations. I used "Cloud Essentials: CompTIA Authorized Courseware for Exam CLO-001" by Cook, Sampaio, and Hausman, and the Cloud Essentials practice exams on UCertify. The book is truly a great resource to prepare for the exam, but lacks a lot of practice questions which is why I went with UCertify to verify I was learning the material. I'd also studied and taken the ITIL Foundations exam previously, and some of that training actually had helped prepare for some topics in this exam.

    All in all with the exam price and study materials I probably spent about $300 bucks. To some that may seem a bit pricey for being such a basic exam, but a good foundation to validate foundational knowledge. Honestly, my boss paid for the ITIL Foundations training I'd had previously, and that was about $2000 for probably about the same level exam. So, $300 ain't so unreasonable in that light.
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    Im planning to take this exam in October or November at most. I already have Cloud Essentials: CompTIA Authorized Courseware for Exam CLO-001: Kirk Hausman, Susan L. Cook, Telmo Sampaio: 9781118408735: Books As an IT Manager its important to have some Cloud Computing knowledge under the belt. It could help me in the future if I decided to look for senior jobs in bigger organizations.
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    gabypr, did toy get a chance to take the exam?
    I am thinking of taking the exam, but not sure if it's worth it. Would appreciate your advice, thoughts, opinions :)
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