Starting my studying for Pro today

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I have been studying for a week on CCNA and realized why not start easy then hard...CCNA is brutal, so I think I"ll start with Microsoft exams.
The study material i'm planning to use is MS press book and this enough to pass this exam?
Working on 70-215


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    The MS press books are usually the best choice for MS exams and it will get you a long way. We have TechNotes for several 210 exam topics, but not all "skills being measured" on the 70-210 exam are covered.

    Additionally, I recommend a good set of practice exams, such as Transcender, Preplogic, ExamForce. And as least as important, make sure you have access to a computer running Windows 2000 Professional so you can try out different scenarios and the labs in the MS training kit.

    Any reason in particular you are going for the 210 exam instead of 70-270 Windows XP?
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    I am doing that exam because that is the one I was taught in school, I feel more comfortable doing that one :D

    I have been using PrepLogic, wow are their questions ever hard. icon_redface.gif
    Working on 70-215
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    Keep working at it until you are making minimum 90 on each exam module...when done, you can take the exam.
    What next?
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    i have noticed transcender, preplogic and examForce they all need to pay to access the practice exams
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